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The Department of Architecture, Town and Regional Planning offers the following programmes:

Bachelor of Architecture

Master of Town and Regional Planning

Ph. D. program

All the courses are approved by AICTE, Council of Achitecture, New Delhi and Institute of Town Planners' India, as applicable.




The vision of our Department is to carry forward our legacy that aims in making a student aware of the cultural, social, historical and technological aspects of design from the micro to the global scale with the aim to enhance quality of life on individuals and communities through a sustainable and humane approach to the profession, rooted in responsible use of resources and sensitive to ethno-cultural diversity of human kind.


To engage our students in an exemplary architectural education program that has as its backbone a diversified and comprehensive curriculum that encourages independent innovative thinking through teaching, research and service in an unprejudiced and ethical academic environment reverent to history, culture and heritage and dynamic enough to embrace the challenges of the future.


Areas of Research under Ph.D. Programme:

  • Architecture and Built form.
  • Computer Aided Architecture.
  • Vernacular and Rural Architecture
  • Energy and Building.
  • Urban Design.
  • Architectural Conservation.
  • Housing and Human Settlement Planning.
  • Transportation Planning.
  • Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System.
  • Environmental Planning and Management.
  • Rural Planning and Development.
  • Regional Planning and Development.
  • Earthquake resilient Buildings and Builtform.
  • Urban Planning/ Town Planning.
  • Infrastructure Planning.
  • Urban administration, management and finance.
  • Climate Change and Human Settlements.


Areas identified for the future development:

  • Building Systems
  • Advanced Building Materials
  • Urban Ecology
  • Intelligent Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture

Presently the department has developed several state of the art facilities for the benefit of the students, such as Material Museum for permanent display of samples of building materials, Computer Aided Architectural Design laboratory, Multimedia Simulation Laboratory and Remote Sensing and GIS laboratory. Department sub-domaining was done to facilitate wired and Wi-fi Internet connection to all class rooms, studios and laboratories. 


Consultancy and Project work

The consultancy activity of the department is active since its early days and is continuing with prestigious clientele including Central and State Governments and large corporate houses. In the 50s the department was involved in designing Durgapur Steel City of West Bengal and had taken part in the development of Kalyani and Haldia township design, design of Low Cost Houses in National level, etc.under the able leadership of Prof. Joseph Allen Stein and others. 

In the recent years the projects dealt with included design of Townships, large housing projects, Conservation and Heritage building management, Environmental planning, Municipal planning, Wetland management, Biodiversity assessment, Joint forest management, application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Urban and Regional Planning etc. The department is equipped to share its expertise in Tall Structures and Multi-storied buildings, specialized buildings and structures like auditoriums, stadiums and Institutional buildings, Earthquake resilient structures and retrofitting. The social outreach program include rural development, alternative building materials and technology, and participation in poverty amelioration programs. 

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